1980: Brave New Wave

Brave-New-Wave-GUITARIn both my animation and sound recording roles, I had been working on commercials for both K – TEL and Telmak budget album releases al. I approached the Telmak boss about my idea of recording an LP of Australian Surf instrumentals for their label. I was given the green light and the sessions for Brave New Wave began!

Kim-and-MartinSadly drummer David John had passed away after a motorcycle accident and I had to locate a new drummer  before things could get underway. Jeff Cripps( later of Old 55) was our new man. The album was recorded over about an eight month period comprising about half a dozen sessions. We learnt the songs in the studio and then put them down. Telmak went into receivership just prior to the album’s TV launch. Stock end up in department store  bargain bins for $1.