#RIP John Collins (1953-2017)

John Collins (1953 -2017)

We Lose The Remarkable John Collins 1953 -2017

As designers of the incredible H & C Signature Echo, John Collins and his partner, Charlie Hall have put smiles on the faces of thousands of Shadows inspired guitar players around the world.

The amount of effort, the tens of thousands of hours these guys put into this project beggars belief. We mere guitar players are the privileged beneficiaries of all that endeavour.

The Australian half of that partnership, John Collins, said the Hall & Collins Signature Echo would be his legacy, and what a significant legacy it has now become.

It was total disbelief when I heard of his passing, after he succumbed to a short illness in March 2017.

I never met John is person, but over the past couple of years we shared many phone conversations and exchanged countless emails during the course of the recording of my Hall & Collins demo album, THE MEAZZI MYSTERIES and while I was conducting the extensive interviews with both himself and Charlie for issue 124 of NGD.

I found him to be a kindred spirit on a number of levels. Beyond a passion for all things Shadows, we shared a mutual admiration for the playing and tone of Peter Green, we both loved early Oz surf instrumental music. . . . . . and motor bikes!

With a background in civil engineering and electronics, apart from his major contribution to the development of the Hall & Collins Signature Echo, John was a renowned restorer of vintage pickups as well as issuing his own range of JC Vintage pickups. His passion, enthusiasm and knowledge knew no bounds.

His family informs me there was nothing in the house that plugged in or moved that did not receive a tweak or modification from him.

John leaves behind his wife of 39 years Victoria, along with three sons, Jonathan, Steven an audio engineer and drummer, and Mathew, a guitarist and bass player.

There are many who knew John far better than I, but the impact he made on my own musical journey in the short space of time I was acquainted with him is immeasurable and I will truly miss him.

RIP John.

Kim Humphreys

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