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Rated G | | Animation, Family, Musical | 15 December 1977 (Australia)
Plot: A young girl gets lost in the Australian outback and befriends a kangaroo
Director: Yoram Gross (as Yoram J. Gross)
Writers: Yoram Gross (screenplay), John Palmer (screenplay)
Stars: Barbara Frawley, Joan Bruce, Spike Milligan 


Dot & The Kangaroo: A timeless tale of childhood adventure, adapted from Ethel Pedley’s much-loved book, Dot and the Kangaroo captures an era of innocence and discovery, where Australia’s wilderness is home to a variety of wide-eyed and inquisitive creatures ready to make friends.

Follow the journey of settler’s daughter Dot, a naive young girl lost and alone in the bush – a desperate child in need of help to find her way home. Overcoming her fears of the surrounding unknown, Dot is befriended by a big Red Kangaroo who is searching for her lost Joey.

Safely nestled in the kangaroo’s soft pouch, Dot has the trip of a lifetime, bounding from one adventure to the next – coming into contact with a variety of bush creatures along the way such as a koala, platypus, kookaburra and even a mob of angry dingoes.

A unique blend of live action photography and cel animation from award-winning filmmaker Yoram Gross (Blinky Bill), with lively songs and music by Bob Young and John Palmer, Dot and the Kangaroo is a charming Australian entertainment for young at heart.





Steven Spielberg’s AMAZING STORIES won 5 Primetime Emmy Awards

Rated PG | | Animation, Adventure, Comedy | TV Series (1985–1987)
Plot: Amazing, fantastical, funny and odd, and sometimes scary, sad and endearing stories are portrayed. Many famous actors, actresses and directors make guest appearances.

Creators: Steven Spielberg, Joshua Brand, John Falsey